Health Consciousness Assessment

Discover how you can achieve your Limitless Potential in life

Watch this video to access your limitless potential with the Apeiron Health Consciousness Assessment.

Health Consciousness Assessment

Transcend and Transform the limits of your performance

Take the Apeiron Health Consciousness Assessment to discover what's stopping you from achieving your limitless potential in life.

Here is how the Health Consciousness Assessment works:

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NOTE: This entire process takes 30-45 minutes. You don't have to finish all of it at once. As soon as you finish one video, we will send you reminders to take the next one, etc.


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How this Health Consciousness Assessment works



High quality sleep in sufficient quantities is the very foundation for creating optimized performance and potential. The ability to transit through Ideal sleep stages is essential to induce desirable epigenetic changes.

sleep growth potential



Nutrition is a key environmental influence and one of the strongest epigenetic mechanisms that enables us to alter our gene expression. While there is no perfect human diet, there is an ideal strategy for everyone from which to lay the groundwork for success. 



Human Movement

We are designed to move frequently and fluidly yet modern living creates tension across the entire structure, often resulting in immobility and instability. Restoring the body to ideal movement patterns and strength is pivotal to thriving performance and potential.

Human Movement



Where our focus goes, our energy flows. We create our life through our awareness, intention and action. From our relationships, to our problem-solving approach - it all connects to performance. Recognizing and optimizing your mindset and worldview is an essential component for creating a limitless life. 




Stress in any system is a catalyst for change and required for homeostatic balance and growth. When stress is perceived as beneficial and one has developed advanced modulation skills, the epigenetics of stress lead to an antifragile nature and create a thriving environment.




Optimal hormone expression is essential to youthful longevity and creates a beautiful symphony for vitality and zest for life. There are many factors that contribute to the hormonal system being out of homeostasis with genetics, epigenetic, and environmental exposures key core influencers.


Assessment 7


Modern living creates unique challenges and every input to the human system has an effect. Our interaction with the environment, is one of the most potent epigenetic modifiers. Designing with neuroaesthetics and engineering strategies allows us to create strong immune function.  




Enhancing cognitive capacity is desired by many as we seek to experience greater creativity, focus, attention and productivity. Precision tools and advanced strategies are now available to assist with this endeavor and knowing your current baseline is the first phase of the journey. 


Health Consciousness Assessment


Experience the new paradigm in precision health & performance

Take all 8 Assessments, watch your results videos, and have the opportunity to speak to an Apeiron Health Consultant about how you can achieve your limitless potential


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Who is this assessment for?

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If you work in a job that takes focus, concentration, and discipline to thrive, then our process is for you. Whether you desire assistance with your physical energy, cognitive function, or emotional balance, our programs assist you to achieve your limitless potential at work. Importantly, we focus on how you can share more of yourself with the activities and people you are passionate about beyond work.

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As a leader in the VUCA environment, you often encounter unique demands and have to be at the top of your game to ensure your team and organization thrive. From boosting your physical stamina to sharpening cognitive function, our team can guide you to achieve your limitless potential and lead your team to new heights. We also help you appreciate and optimize your time for the things that matter outside work.

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As an Entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to explore the boundaries of your limitless potential. Challenging times call for bold action. We are here to partner with you to create an antifragile environment for yourself and your teams. Whether it's your physical stamina, your cognitive function, or your emotional intelligence, we can assist you to unlock your limitless potential as an entrepreneur - both in and beyond your business.

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Meet the Apeiron Founders

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Daniel Stickler, MD

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Mickra Hamilton, AuD

Our Professional Apeiron Consultants Will Help You Finalize Your Results After You Take This Health Consciousness Assessment

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Melissa Petersen, DC, MS


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Jackie Kilraine, DC

What people say about Apeiron

Nick Kuzmich
Nicholas Kuzmich Author, Speaker & Expert
I am feeling better now than I ever have , my mind is sharper than it’s ever been and today I found out I reached the highly coveted goal of sub 10% body (9.6 % to be exact) while gaining additional pounds of muscle.
AJ Working Professional
It was Apeiron’s precision approach to performance and optimization that finally enabled me to dial in my ideal body and mind. My biggest takeaway: no matter who you are - you’ve gotta know your code! You’ve got to know your DNA.
Amber Sears
Amber Sears Business Owner
Working with the amazing team at Apeiron is allowing JP Sears and I to map out the exact nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle shifts we need to make to ensure we are both in peak condition for conception. We are now expecting :)

Health Consciousness Assessment


Experience the new paradigm in precision health & performance

Take all 8 Assessments, watch your results videos, and have the opportunity to speak to an Apeiron Health Consultant about how you can achieve your limitless potential


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